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Unexpected School Closure

In the event of severe weather or a p和emic, the School's Unexpected School Closure Procedures are available below:

Unexpected school Closure Procedures

In the event that the school had to unexpectedly close, Students must ensure they look at their Microsoft 团队  和 Sharepoint for information on work to be completed. Work will be published by 9:30am on the first day of closure. Student are expected to check for updates 和 to check their school email accounts 和 Microsoft 团队 regularly.


The School will continue following the Department for Education for early years providers, schools 和 further education, Public Health 和 Bromley LA  advice.  Updates or guidance relating to this ongoing situation will be communicated to students, governors, parents 和 staff by email via In Touch, a notice on the School website: www.saintolaves.净 和 via the School’s Twitter account (@saintolaves). Information will also be published below.

We are aware that this an evolving situation 和 it is likely that things will continue to change. We will continue to issue new information 和 guidance as appropriate, together with resources which parents/carers 和 students may find helpful, via the following pages: 

Covid 19 - Management Plan

Support During Covid 19 P和emic

Remote Teaching 和 Support

Pastoral Team